The Right Daycare For Your Dog

The Bark Inn offers small dogs that enjoy being with others an environment where they can have fun outside together or relax in our guest lounge.

We know that complete exhaustion of your dogs is unhealthy which is why our daycare and sleepovers involves more enrichment and structure – with regular rest periods and individual activities.

Sending your dog to daycare more than three days in a row has been found to be too much mental and physical activity for them and can increase their stress as well as creating overtired and over stimulated dogs, so The Bark Inn has structured our format to allow your dog a sufficient amount of rest and family time alongside daycare.

The Bark Inn has dog daycare options mid-week (Tuesday to Thursday) by membership and casual weekend bookings to allow flexibility.

We take up to 7 dogs a day for daycare, keeping our overall numbers low so we can pay attention to the details, and develop a closer relationship with our group members.

Every dog is different and enjoys playing in different ways, not every dog thrives in a group or a stimulating environment, which is why an assessment is important to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all members. An assessment for your dog will allow us to assess their comfort levels with various aspects of our space, their play style and behaviours.


  • Emotionally healthy dogs
  • Better interaction with staff
  • Quality supervision
  • Closer relationships with members
  • Lower stress on group members
  • Quality play
  • Private Facebook Group



  • Age – A minimum age of 5 months.
  • Size – Exclusively for small dogs, standing up to a maximum of 42cm from ground to shoulder when adults. (Sorry no Bulldogs, Bull Terriers or Staffordshire Bull Terriers (Staffies) or crosses of these breeds).
  • Social – As an off leash group play environment, all members must enjoy the company of other dogs  and must have the ability to play in groups.
  • Non-aggressive – especially with toys, food, objects, toward people, other dogs and over territory.
  • Males must be desexed by 7 months and no entire females while in season.
  • Health – All dogs must be in good health to attend The Bark Inn. All dogs must be free from any conditions that could put other members at risk. Dogs who have been sick with a transferable condition in the last 30 days will require a vet certificate of good health to attend.
  • All dogs must be up to date on flea and worming treatments.
  • Vaccines – All dogs must be up to date on Parvo, Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Canine Cough. Proof of vaccinations or titer test results are required.
  • Council Registration – All dogs must have current registration with the local council and have the strap attached to their collar or harness.
  • Assessment – All new clients will require an assessment prior to being accepted. Members who have not attended in over two months  may require another assessment.
  • Application Form & Records – Application form must be completed and submitted with proof of vaccines, microchip number and local council registration prior to an assessment day being booked.



An assessment for your dog will allow us to check their comfort levels, play style, and behaviours.

If for any reason we feel this is not the right environment for your dog we can offer you alternate suggestions.

All dogs are individuals and as such not all are suited to our environment. The Bark Inn is committed to making sure our members have a happy, healthy and safe visit with every effort made to provide a low stress and fear free environment.

A reservation is set for your assessment date after submission of the form and records. This can be booked for a week day or weekend.

The assessment costs $28.00 per dog.